Business Process Automation for Tri-State Claims

Tri-State Claims in Kingsport, TN is constantly adapting with the customer in mind. In 2005, TSC began looking for a way to reduce process lag times in order to free up more time to devote to customer service. In order to reduce process lag times to devote more time to customer service, Tri-State Claims invests in automation. First on the bill: the ability to electronically transmit forms and checks.

Intellithought worked with TSC to understand their business as a whole. After learning more about their business goals and analyzing their processes, Intellithought was able to pinpoint a process that would benefit from automation.

Intellithought built a custom program that extracts data from their existing claims database and formats it so that it can be sent via EDI to the Commonwealth of Virginia. Additionally, where existing data was lacking, custom queries were built to calculate the needed elements. Next, Intellithought made modifications to the Claims Processing Program and Check Retrieval Program to consolidate payments and eliminate the need for duplicate checks. This reduced the number of checks written as well as administrative and material costs.

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