Server & Network Upgrade for EMI

EMI server configuration

Environmental Monitoring, INC. (EMI) provides quality environmental and analytical services to industry, government, and individuals.

In 2004, EMI’s existing server was 5 years old, there was no uniform antivirus solution in place, and network security connection was lacking, leaving EMI wide open to threats. Intellithought researched and found a solution that optimized their security and kept costs low. Intellithought recommended, reconfigured, and installed new servers and seamlessly integrated them into EMI’s existing operations. Additionally, a firewall was installed to provide a secure VPN connection, backup hardware and software were installed and configured, and Intellithought took over hosting of EMI’s website to maximize uptimesecurityand data protection and minimize repair costs.

Since then, EMI has continued to recognize the value of modern Information Technology (IT) solutions as part of their proven processes. These same IT solutions are now an integral part of EMI’s infrastructure. Their proactive maintenance of these solutions through Intellithought reduces the risk of loss and unplanned downtime.

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