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Phoenix Data Protection

Protect Your Data

Phoenix is a 3-tier monitoring, maintenance, & backup solution designed to keep the systems & data you depend on running smoothly. The traditional, break/fix approach only reacts to problems when they occur. What if you could know when these issues were coming and address them proactively – preventing extra costs and lost time? Phoenix is your answer.


1 – Monitoring

A robust offering of tools & services to protect & monitor your systems & data

Managed Antivirus / Malware

Your antivirus and malware solutions will always be up to date with no effort from you or your staff.

Web Filtering

Set controls on what web content is accessible via your servers to minimize threats due to employee error.

Real Time Monitoring

We watch your systems in real-time to catch and address threats before any damage is done.

Monthly Reports

We'll provide you with monthly reports containing valuable insights on the status of your systems and data.


2 – Maintenance

Keeping systems current and addressing issues before they become problems

Proactive Maintenance

We proactively address potential threats before they have a chance to disrupt your data and systems. This does not include software/hardware upgrades and replacements.

Remote Support

We can fix many problems on your computer or server without stepping foot into your office. This lowers your support costs and allows you to get back to work faster.

Critical Updates Installation

When critical updates that affect your devices are released, we take care of them so you don't have to.

Active Alerts

These alerts let us know when problems arise so we can make a plan to address them.


3 – Backups

Providing recovery from mistakes & disasters

Nightly Cloud Backups

Intellithought will work with your organization to implement regular backups and create recovery response strategies in the event of a disaster, accident, or system failure. Phoenix will ensure your business will operate efficiently and effectively in any scenario and keep a multi-day history of your backups.


Phoenix is available for macs PCs & Windows servers.

ServicesPhoenix BasicPhoenix PlusPhoenix Premium
Managed Antivirus / Malware
Active Alerts
Remote Support
Monthly Reports
Nightly Cloud Backups * (optional for Basic & Plus)
Backup Monitoring * (if Nightly Cloud Backups are enabled)
Web Filtering & Discounted Support Rate
Proactive Maintenance
Critical Updates Installation
Real-Time Monitoring


Phoenix Basic

We provide you with the basic level of data protection and monitoring. When a critical issue arises, our team of experts is alerted, we create a plan to address the issue, and prevent problems from affecting your operations.
$ 24 per server / $ 9 per desktop* monthly

*$85 per server / $19 per desktop / monthly with Nightly Cloud Backups
Additional Support – $125 per hour

Phoenix Plus

Sometimes basics aren’t enough for complex organizations. Proactive maintenance saves you costs and time compared to reactive maintenance. This includes a monthly check-up on the health of your computers and servers by an expert technician.
$ 85 per server / $ 25 per desktop* monthly

*$135 per server / $35 per desktop / monthly with Nightly Cloud Backups
Additional Support – $115 per hour

Phoenix Premium

Our top of the line package keeps all components and processes of your hardware and server in view, literally. Our monitoring team will watch your systems in real-time during standard business hours with immediate assistance to any alerts.
$ 950 per server / $ 225 per desktop monthly

Nightly Cloud Backups included

Additional Support – $100 per hour

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