World Password Day

World Password Day: Secure Password Tips


It’s important to update your passwords on a regular basis to maintain security, and World Password Day (the first Thursday in May) is a great reminder. Check out these tips before you update your passwords to ensure that they’re strong & secure.

Never Reuse Passwords

Never use the same password in multiple places. If a hacker cracks one password, every account or device where you’ve used the same password is at risk of being compromised as well.

Create long passwords

Longer passwords are harder to crack than short passwords. A good rule of thumb is to use at least 10 characters.

Regularly update your passwords

The longer a password goes unchanged, the higher your risk for data breach can go. Device login passwords should be changed at least once a quarter, but some passwords should be updated even more regularly. For example, online banking accounts should be updated every month or two.

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Use varied characters in your passwords

Use varied characters and avoid using personal info or common phrases in your passwords. Include a combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters in your passwords.

Don't write your passwords down

Don’t share your passwords with anyone, and don’t write them down. Instead, consider using a password manager like LastPass to help you keep track of all of your secure passwords.

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