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Could your business benefit from a mobile app?

Mobile apps make use of mobile attributes, like geo-location, camera capabilities, biometrics, and social opportunities, that are not available through web apps. Access to these real-time, mobile features can help businesses increase customer engagement and insights, strengthen brand image, drive action, and stay ahead of the technological innovation wave. Intellithought specializes in the custom development and design of two types of mobile apps.

Native Mobile Apps

Traditionally, when you imagine an app, you’re probably thinking of a native app. Native apps are designed specifically for iOS or Android devices and are downloaded via the app Store (i.e. Google Maps, Uber, Snapchat). Native apps have access to the built-in features of the device they’re running on, like the camera, and depending on functionality, they may not require internet access for use.

DIY: Build a Mobile App

Hybrid Mobile Apps

A hybrid mobile app is essentially a web app tied up in a mobile app wrapper. Hybrid apps are available for download via the app store and are generally indistinguishable from native apps. Many of the apps you use are probably hybrid apps (ex. Amazon).

The Power of Progress: Progressive Web Apps

What’s Next?

If you’re not sure what type of mobile app is best for you (or if you need one at all), Intellithought can help with this part of the process, too. Together, we can evaluate your business, goals, budget, and needs and compare them to the pros and cons of each option to determine what is best for you.

Let’s Work Together

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