Christ Fellowship RSVP system

Custom programmed .NET website built for Christ Fellowship church that allows users to digitally RSVP for upcoming events and in turn, ensures the church space can accommodate everyone for each time slot. Continue Reading Christ Fellowship RSVP system

Since 2018, Christ Fellowship church has used a digital RSVP system developed by Intellithought with improvements and configurations made each year since then. Developed in .NET, the system allows staff from Christ Fellowship to create event registrations for events expecting a large crowd such as Easter and Christmas services.

The project was started when a few of the services didn’t have enough chairs or space to accommodate everyone. To better prepare the staff for spacing and parking for such services, Christ Fellowship approached the Intellithought team and worked with them to develop a custom system after vetting a few existing rsvp systems and not finding one to fit all their needs.

The system allows the Christ Fellowship staff to create new events, set up confirmation and reminder emails to automatically email to people who sign up for a service. Users of the system are allowed to edit their attendance time after signing up and can add their children to Sunday school classes. Users can also see from the site which services are filling up compared to others.

The front-end of the system was designed to look similar to the site with the layout working well on various screen sizes.

Administration Area

A custom admin area was created for the Christ Fellowship staff that allowed them to look up, edit, and manually add reservations for others. Admin users were also able to configure landing page designs, set up custom response emails, and set up custom time slots for each event

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