Social Media, SEO, & Content Creation for PVNB

Powell Valley National Bank’s mission is “to serve the consumers, businesses, and communities that we are privileged to be a part of.” For over 130 years, PVB has executed this by investing in relationships and putting customers first, allowing the bank to consistently grow to serve more consumers, businesses, and communities.

Traditionally, those communities were geographically defined, but as technology expands and people become more comfortable using it, the bank now acknowledges a new definition of “community” that isn’t confined by geography and includes people who’ve never stepped foot in a physical branch.

Intellithought works with Powell Valley National Bank, using social media and other tech innovations, to help PVB foster digital relationships and cultivate a virtual community that rivals the experience people used to have to go to their local branch to find.

PVNB’s Google My Business Listing

Google My Business

One of the first steps we took as part of this initiative was helping PVB claim ownership of each branch’s Business Listing on Google. Google My Business is a tool that allows organizations to maintain their hours of operation and other details on the Google search results page, making it easier for consumers to find what they’re looking for. Additionally, Google has stated that actively managing and posting to your listing gives your website an SEO boost.

We continue to manage PVB’s Google Listing, maintaining holiday hours, responding to consumer questions and reviews, and regularly posting updates. In our most recent year-over-year comparison, PVB searches increased 39%, listing views increased 32%, and listing actions (i.e. calls, direction requests, etc.) increased 52%.

Content Calendar

Every month, we develop content for a content calendar to map out the post schedule for PVB’s Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram profiles. From there, we also take care of making sure everything actually gets posted. Content consists of original graphics and videos, company photos, educational blog posts, helpful tips, local news and local business/organization highlights, and more. We vary content across platforms, because each caters to a different audience, and we tailor content to compliment the season, month, and holidays.


We launched PVNB’s Facebook page in September 2018, and we continue to update the page multiple times a week. The page has accumulated 790 followers in the less than 2 years it has been active, and PVNB’s posts have reached over 10,000 people.


PVNB’s LinkedIn page was launched around the same time as the Facebook page. The content we share on LinkedIn is more business-focused and has been customized for a professional audience. PVNB has 138 followers on LinkedIn.


After successfully building a community on Facebook and LinkedIn, we decided to pursue another social outlet. Following detailed analysis, we determined that Instagram was the appropriate next step to take. We created PVNB’s Instagram profile in September 2019, and it has amassed over 150 followers in the 5 months since.


Over the past year and a half, we’ve also worked with PVB to expand their educational offerings via regular blog posts. Blogs are divided into 3 categories:

Company News

PVNB uses blogs to share interesting and important company information.


Our goal with educational blog posts is to provide valuable tips and info to help consumers improve their financial well-being.

Leton’s Letters

Letters from Leton is an ongoing series comprised of updates from PVNB’s President, Leton Harding. These posts invite people from everywhere into our community by sharing personal and hyper-local anecdotes and insights about the bank and the greater Appalachian Highlands region.

All blog posts also have a custom cover image for social sharing purposes. Since kicking off this initiative, we’ve posted over 80 blog posts that have received over 11,000 views.

The initiatives PVNB undertakes are grounded in relationships, providing value through education, and creating and sharing community. With Intellithought’s help, PVB has been able to use technology to enhance the traditional banking experience and to offer that experience to a wider audience.

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