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Web Development for McClaskey Excellence Institute

McClaskey redesign 2021 - Desktop
McClaskey redesign 2021 - Mobile

McClaskey Excellence Institute, formerly known as Pal’s Business Excellence Institute, has been enabling companies to become extraordinary for 20 years. Industry leaders from across the world travel to attend McClaskey Excellence Institute training!

Intellithought’s relationship with the Institute began over a decade ago when MEI wanted to enhance their digital presence so they could offer some training content online and allow users to sign up online for in-person training. This consisted of:

  • Converting the DVD training videos to appropriate formats for website
  • Enhancing the video capabilities of the website
  • Incorporating subscription and ecommerce capabilities so premium training content could be placed behind a paywall that users could access after creating an account
  • Implementing security features to prevent unauthorized sharing or saving of videos
  • Adding scheduling capabilities to allow MEI admins to manage class registration through the website
  • Creating a form for people to register for classes

Since then, we have continued to work with the McClaskey Excellence Institute on regular website enhancements, mobile improvements, promotion efforts, and ongoing web security.

Most recently, Intellithought handled the web-related aspects of McClaskey Excellence Institute’s rebranding from Pal’s BEI.

Intellithought also has experience with the McClaskey Excellence Institute as a student. After attending their class, “Achieving World-Class Results”, we cannot recommend it enough. The class provided insights that have proven to be valuable in both business and personal settings. If you want to take your organization from ordinary to extraordinary, check out the McClaskey Excellence Institute.


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