BTES – Custom CMS, Web Design, and Development

In 2020, BTES hired Intellithought to create a new website to provide their customers with an easy way to custom order cable, TV, and internet packages. Continue Reading BTES – Custom CMS, Web Design, and Development


Founded in 1945, Bristol Tennessee Essential Services (BTES) is a municipally-owned electric utility that also provides high-speed Internet, telephone, and cable television services over a fiber-optic network. BTES is in the business of providing safe, reliable, and cost-effective services to more than 34,000 electric customers and more than 19,000 fiber customers in a 280-square-mile service area in the City of Bristol and Sullivan County, Tennessee.

As BTES’s website grew and became used more frequently, performance decreased and speed became an issue. Additionally, the overall layout needed to be refined to have a more professional and user-friendly appearance. Intellithought worked with BTES to design and develop a custom .NET site what is mobile friendly and self-controlled. The new website allows customers to quickly and easily access support, create, build and purchase services offered by BTES, and more.


BTES’s new custom website design incorporates custom imagery and icons alongside modern styling techniques that compliment the established branding style of BTES. The new layout offers a mobile-first experience that functions great on all screen sizes. Intellithought’s design team also worked with BTES to reorganize the flow and navigation of the site’s content in order to make easier for users to find what they are looking for, to make it easier for BTES admins to highlight important information, and to take advantage of natural SEO opportunities.

Custom Icon Examples


First, Intellithought worked with BTES to develop a detailed database design document. The document was based on close evaluation of the entire website, including its existing functionalities, how customers and employees use the website, and what desired functionalities were missing. From there, Intellithought developed a completely custom website that BTES admins can easily make changes to.

The new site also includes custom functionality that allows customers to purchase standard packages or to build custom packages. The “Order Now” system is designed to dynamically update based on the options the customer chooses, alerting them of the best deals available.

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