RCAM – Secure Website Refresh and Apprenticeship Tracker

Intellithought worked with Regional Center for Advanced Manufacturing (RCAM) to redesign their existing website on a modern, secure platform while developing and integrating the needed apprenticeship tracking functionality. Continue Reading RCAM – Secure Website Refresh and Apprenticeship Tracker

Northeast Tennessee’s manufacturing, government, and education leaders collaborated to build the Regional Center for Advanced Manufacturing (RCAM). RCAM is located in downtown Kingsport as part of the Academic Village and has a 26,000 square foot facility and provides hands-on training programs that are certified and recognized nationwide.

In 2020, RCAM was interested in enhancing their digital assets to improve end-user and administrative functionality, increase security and efficiency, and improve usability. Intellithought’s development and design team worked with RCAM to produce a secure MVC-based website with direct instructional video access and a custom apprenticeship tracker.

Website Refresh


Intellithought originally developed RCAM’s website in 2015. The latest .NET refresh also came fitted with an easy-to-use CMS admin area that allows RCAM administrators to update and add page content, menu items, and apprenticeship entries.


The Intellithought design team worked on the front-end layout utilizing a modern, WCAG 2.1 accessible approach that complimented RCAM’s established look and feel. In addition, the same design approach was carried over into the admin area that can be accessed and edited from mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

Apprenticeship Tracker

RCAM was seeking a more efficient and secure process for managing Apprenticeships. Intellithought created a tiered hierarchy of user roles and permissions that allows administration to create accounts, create organizations, set up apprentices and supervisors within an organization, create course maps/labs associated with an apprentice, copy course maps/labs and OJT from one apprentice to another, mark courses and labs “complete’, and view reports.

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