Online Ordering & Mobile-First Website for The Bagel Exchange

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The Bagel Exchange has been a staple of downtown Kingsport since Keith and Michele Cunningham launched it in 2010. With a variety of bagels, gourmet cream cheeses, sandwiches, coffee, and more, The Bagel Exchange is a great place for breakfast or lunch.

In 2017, business still booming, they began to wonder if there was a way to further increase efficiency in some of their processes. Specifically, the handling of call-ahead orders during rush hours. They were interested in a solution that would make the order-ahead process easier for customers and simultaneously reduce the amount of phone calls The Bagel Exchange team had to be responsible for answering during peak in-store hours. An online ordering system and a fresh, mobile-first website was the answer.

When they approached us to build this online-ordering system, we were up for the challenge. However, a custom solution like this would be expensive to develop. So first, we met with Keith and Michele to get a clear understanding of their business processes, goals, and needs. Then, we set off in search of an existing solution that might meet all of their needs and cost less than a custom-built solution.

We evaluated many programs based on a set of clearly defined needs and were able to narrow the search down to 5 options that each met all of the requirements. From there, we made a specific suggestion based on price and ease of use in placing an order, accepting an order, and administering the backend.

The software we suggested met all of their needs and more. It is easy to use, easy to administer, and comes with features like email receipts and order confirmations, instant push notifications, and a suite of valuable analytics tools. The best part… it’s FREE to setup and use. The Bagel Exchange chose to go with our suggestion, so we configured it for their use and provided some training on setting up their menu.

The next phase consisted of a website redesign to feature their new online ordering functionality. A mobile-first website redesign was crucial to the success of the online ordering rollout, because prior to the redesign, the website was not built for mobile use. If customers can’t order online from their phones they will end up calling The Bagel Exchange directly to order ahead, rendering the new online ordering functionality useless.

So, we redesigned their site to incorporate new mobile-first features like a mobile navigation menu, click-to-email buttons, map/directions, and call-to-action buttons. We re-organized the content so the mobile view provided the most relevant content and call-to-action buttons without requiring scrolling or zooming. Their previous site displayed their menu via a downloadable PDF that was only available on desktops, so we created a new menu page that is easily navigable on phones AND is much easier to update than a traditional PDF. Additionally, we installed an SSL Certificate to enhance the security of the website. Most importantly, we integrated their new online ordering system into their site with custom styling and added it to the home page, making it easily accessible for people on the go. Lastly, we developed an area in the administrative section of the website that allows The Bagel Exchange to turn the online ordering capability on or off depending on how busy they are in store.

In the end, we were able to find and customize a solution for The Bagel Exchange that met all of their needs and increased efficiency – and we were able to do this at a fraction of the price it would have taken to custom develop a solution. Since the launch of their new mobile-first site and online ordering system, phone calls have decreased, but orders have not. Mission accomplished.

If you haven’t yet, visit their site to try out the online ordering feature for yourself!

If you’re interested in learning more about online ordering solutions or mobile-first web design, contact Intellithought via the form at the bottom of the page.

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