Computer Crash Illustration

Your Computer Crashed, Now What…



It’s inevitable, computers are going to crash. They run their course and then they die. Do you have a plan in place?


Do you have a team in place to monitor your system to see if a crash (or worse yet, a virus) is coming?

Back to that in a moment.

My computer crashed in a lighting storm about 3 years ago. No backup drive, no monitoring system in place, no nothing. It was painful. It cost me hundreds of dollars to only recover SOME of the information. Some of my kid’s pictures were gone, most of my documents and more.

Painful wasn’t expressive enough.  It was excruciating!

If your computer has crashed already, like mine did, then by all means go see a mac store or a hard drive specialist.

But if you want to secure your future and not have that gut wrenching moment when your drive is lost and there is nothing you can do, then turn to professionals.

Contact Intellithought today and make sure your future is secure.

You can thank me later ;).

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