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5 Tech Tools Every Good Business Should Be Using


Business is tough, I get it. There are so many factors to consider to help grow your business.  Which one should I do? That’s probably what you ask yourself every day.

There is no doubt though that information technology allows us the ability to not only grow our businesses fast, but protect it as well. And that makes for one useful tactic.Within the realm of technology, here are 5 tools that I believe every business needs to grow and protect themselves in today’s environment:

1. Social Media

A social media presence is a must but with a catch. Social media is only useful to businesses if you engage with your customers.  It’s all the rage to have an active Facebook and Twitter presence but if you do not have content that engages your consumers and do not have a meaningful dialog, it’s useless.

Absolutely use Social Media but be prepared to commit.  As Gary Vaynerchuk says, “Social Media is a 24/7 business.” (from his book Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook)

2. SEO

Five years ago SEO was a hot web term and practice but today its more of a necessary evil.

Simple rule here; put provisions in place to take advantage of SEO (like backlinking and keywords) but don’t kill yourself. Let your content do the heavy lifting.  Just make sure an SEO strategy is in place but don’t let it monopolize your time.

3. Digital Advertising

Let’s face it, we are living in a pay-to-play world.  But, done correctly, digital advertising can be your hero in the pay-to-play world. Where Facebook and Twitter ads can flounder in ROI, banner ads and pay per click ads can provide incredible ROI if properly executed.  Make your offer compelling, your creative solid and your copy (for Google Adwords PPC) desirable and banner ads and PPC can boost your business.

4. Responsive Design/Mobile

Enhancing your site with a responsive design and having a solid mobile look and feel are summed in three little words, A NO BRAINER. Google is now verifying a mobile presence in their search queries so if you are not taking it seriously, you better.

Most (not all, but most) are seeing their web traffic tip the scales to over 50% mobile and tablet traffic.  A mobile optimized site is a must in today’s business environment. Ignore responsive and mobile design at your own peril.

5. Backup system/Cloud Storage

There is no disputing that YOU NEED TO HAVE A BACKUP SYSTEM IN PLACE FOR YOUR BUSINESS! Businesses can be ruined by the lack of preparedness in this area.

Even better are the services, like Intellithought’s, that provide ongoing monitoring and supervision to make sure that if there is a threat to your infrastructure or network, previsions are in place to make sure you stay up and running and don’t lose information. If you don’t have a backup system, GET ONE RIGHT NOW.

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