Microsoft 365 Migration for McInturff, Milligan, & Brooks

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Intellithought enabled the users at McInturff, Milligan, & Brooks to work remotely; initially, this involved migrating many users from desktop computers to laptops. To allow secure remote access to resources that were only available at their offices, Intellithought setup remote desktop access to those resources and secured those connections via multi-factor authentication (MFA) in Microsoft 365. All users were setup using Microsoft’s Authenticator app per Microsoft’s best practices.  

In the interest of staying up to date with current trends in technology, deploying more Microsoft 365 services allowed Intellithought to migrate McInturff, Milligan, & Brooks onsite file shares to Microsoft SharePoint. Leveraging Microsoft OneDrive and Microsoft Power Automate, Intellithought also eliminated the need to host local file shares for printing and scanning. These changes demonstrate the power of Microsoft’s cloud services and the range of service offered in Microsoft 365.  

Today, McInturff, Milligan, & Brooks’ users can work from anywhere with the assurance that their data is safe and easily accessible. Intellithought is proud of the longstanding partnership we have with McInturff, Milligan, & Brooks and the advancements in service we are able to provide.  

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