Cloud Migration for Wayne Culbertson Law

Intellithought has worked with the team at Wayne Culbertson Law by providing break-fix IT services for several years; in the Summer of 2022, the team decided to move away from the physical server hardware that was hosting applications and file shares that were being utilized daily by the staff. To facilitate this, Intellithought began by creating a Microsoft 365 tenant for Wayne’s organization, and then we migrated their email from their previous hosts environment. By leveraging Microsoft 365 for email, Intellithought can provide a more secure platform for email as well as tailoring the needs of the users and applications utilized by Wayne Culbertson Law. For example, because of the increased control over email, Intellithought was able to restore the capability of a piece of software that had not been fully functional prior to the Microsoft 365 rollout.

After the Microsoft 365 environment was ready, Intellithought performed a full migration of the file shares to SharePoint, and we leveraged the staff’s OneDrive accounts as a means of providing access to the document libraries. In addition to greatly increasing the speed at which documents could be accessed, the move to SharePoint also drastically increased the amount of available storage for their data. Further, regarding the potential for data breaches and the standards set by the American Bar Association, SharePoint provides a more secure means of storing the firm’s data.

The migration to Microsoft 365 services also allowed Intellithought the opportunity to refresh some of the computer hardware at Wayne Culbertson Law; additionally, each device was added to Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory services so that security and access to company resources could be more easily managed both by the users of Wayne Culbertson Law and their partners at Intellithought.


We at Intellithought are honored by the continued trust Wayne Culbertson Law has placed in our services and our ability to provide competent, simple solutions for their day-to-day workflow.

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