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Pal’s Sudden Service, one of America’s leading quick-service restaurant chains, is the first restaurant chain in the country to earn the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. Incredible food, lightning-fast drive thrus, and personalized service make a visit to a Pal’s in northeast TN or southwest VA a one-of-a-kind experience.

Their commitment to quality and excellence draws companies from a variety of industries around the world to come study their tactics at the Pal’s Business Excellent Institute, and a Harvard article recently stated, “With an emphasis on process control, zero errors, and extensive employee training and engagement, Pal’s has been able to achieve excellent performance in an extremely competitive industry.”

That emphasis on quality control and employee engagement is carried through every aspect of their processes, including hiring – which starts with their Online Application. That’s why Intellithought partnered with Pal’s to develop a custom digital application that is easy for users to fill out and captures all of the information Pal’s needs to make hiring decisions and continue the hiring process.

Pal's Hiring App Progress Bar
Pal’s Hiring App Progress Bar

The application features a user-friendly, mobile-first design that aligns with Pal’s brand personality. It includes a progress bar at the bottom of the page to help applicants navigate the application process from any device. The program is seamlessly integrated into Pal’s back-end systems so that all data captured can be automatically imported, allowing Pal’s to smoothly continue the process through hiring, training, promotion, and beyond. Pal’s administration also receives automatic email notifications to prompt decision making at predefined points that align with their overall business processes and goals.

The app’s intentional user-interface design has increased the amount of completed applications submitted and drastically reduced the number of applications submitted with errors. The back-end functionality development has increased process efficiency; for example, it has reduced the amount of manual data entry required by the Pal’s team.

If you’re interested in joining Pal’s growing team of over 1,000 employees, you can apply via their online application. And next time you’re hungry, try the Pal’s experience.

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