New Office Network Setup for MER

Mountain Empire Radiology, PC (MER) is one of the largest providers of diagnostic and interventional radiological services in the greater Tri-Cities area. Incorporated in 1978, the practice has served the area for over 40 years and has expanded over time to serve 7 hospitals operated by the Mountain States Health Alliance System in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

For years, Intellithought has worked with MER to help maintain their serversfirewallsdesktops, and all other aspects of their network and phone systems. These systems are essential to transferring radiology files between hospitals and doctors for patient care, so it’s crucial that downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

This had to be kept in mind when Mountain Empire Radiology moved to a new office in December. Intellithought worked with MER to strategize an efficient plan for moving that minimized downtime so that MER and the hospitals dependent on these transmissions could continue operations without skipping a beat.

Over the span of one weekend, we were able to completely move and configure all aspects of MER’s network and corresponding systems. On night one, we moved all servers to the new building, configured the new server room, and got transmissions between hospitals and MER’s network functioning again. On the second night, we moved all computers and network hardware devices to the new building and configured them so MER employees could come in Monday morning and get back to work as if nothing had changed.

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