SEO services for Techni-Glass LLC

Techni-Glass is an award-winning glass manufacturer founded in 1997 in Tennessee. Over the 20 years since, Techni-Glass has grown into an over 100,000 square foot facility with over 100 employees and state of the art technology and equipment that allows them to serve clients across the country in a variety of industries.

After designing the Techni-Glass website, Intellithought launched a new search engine optimization project to increase traffic to for increased awareness and lead generation.

Since launching our SEO campaign, has seen users increase over 80%, and their monthly traffic and conversions continue to trend upward. We’ve added over 40 blog posts to the site, with the most popular garnering over 11,000 views so far.

The initial phase of the SEO overhaul, following extensive keyword and competitor research, consisted of front- and back-end content enhancement. On the back end, we added carefully crafted meta descriptions, alt text, and title tags. On the front end, we worked to include valuable keywords in existing content and add new content where needed, including more information about Techni-Glass’s certificationsawards, and history. We also set up a News page on the website, created a LinkedIn profile for Techni-Glass, and claimed Techni-Glass’s profile on Google.

We continue to post monthly blogs, make monthly SEO improvements, and maintain Techni-Glass’s LinkedIn and Google profiles.

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