Website for Isaacs Pools & Spas


Development/Programming, Web Design


Isaacs Pools and Spas is 100% committed to cultivating backyard spaces that increase relaxation, recreation, outdoor living, enhanced family time, and healthy living.  They are the premier pool and hot tub service provider in their region, but in 2015, they needed a strategic plan for reaching potential customers through the Internet and social media.

Intellithought custom designed and built a website optimized for search engines to make them easy to find and also integrated Isaacs’ social media accounts into the website. The website consisted of custom headers, background, font, and hyperlink colors, multiple heading text, list and block quote styles, and custom hyperlink hover animation.

As a result of Intellithought’s website design and SEO efforts, Isaacs Pools and Spas is able to reach a larger audience and interest in their spas have steadily increased.

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