Contracted Software Developer

Our world is highly efficient and super-connected. This enables all of us to work and play together without even seeing each other. While this social-media, remote world has expanded our personal boundaries greatly, there are still times when it’s better to work side-by-side. Intellithought understands the value of personal relationships and provides on-site programmers when you feel that is best. Times like…

Specialized skills are needed

Programming technologies change so fast. In order to take advantage of the latest capabilities, you have to be ahead of the technology curve. Our professionals live this stuff every day giving them the experience and training you need at times like this.

Short term projects

Some projects require more time than your team has available. When the project is complete, things will get back to normal. It’s nice to know, you can flex your team as necessary with Intellithought.

Your staff is covered up

Many companies have a programming team that is stretched thin providing the support for ongoing business operations. This leaves little time for projects that promise greater efficiencies. Adding our professionals to your team offers the buffer for you to focus on improvements that matter without slipping on the daily support required to keep your systems running smoothly.

You just feel more comfortable seeing the person whose time you are paying for

We understand and are happy to accommodate.